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This retreat is all about slowing down and focusing on you and your senses. Lea will guide you through her postnatal aroma infused grounding flow and give you the chance to fully relax and re-connect to yourself. Afterwards we will gather around some nourishing snacks and enjoy an inspiring exchange within a strong community of like-minded moms.


About: Lea is originally from Slovakia but lived in Hong Kong 16 years before moving to berlin 5 years ago, has a beautiful daughter called Bella Moon and was practicing yoga while living in Asia my her life. When she got pregnant and moved to Berlin she didn’t find many places supporting pregnant and new mothers and their well being so she decided to study Ayurveda and pre/postnatal yoga to learn how to maintain well being of new mother well balanced. She wanted to become someone she wished she knew when she was becoming a mother.

Mini-Retreat: Yoga & Mother Circle

  • The event consists out of two parts. In the first part we will enjoy the postnatal aroma infused grounding flow class by Lea (60 mins). The second part will be about connecting with the other moms and their babies while enjoying some nourishing snacks and tea (60 mins). Our mini retreat gives you the chance to connect to yourself but also to start a community with like-minded moms.

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