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OCRE is a conscious selection of unique objects and curated events. A brand that was created with the approach of slowing down, focusing on pieces that really matter and to create events that will turn into memories. A collection that grows naturally and takes it step by step, celebrating true craftsmanship and real experiences.

motherhood is our first series of mini-retreats - curated for mothers and babies. We want to worship this unique transition in your life and offer you a safe space to reconnect with yourself. As a mother, it can be hard to take those little moments to recharge and slow down that might be needed more than ever and the offer of workshops where you can bring your baby seems quite limited. 
Therefore, we have curated inspiring mini-retreats so you can take a moment for yourself, nourish your soul with inspiration, enjoy some energizing snacks and connect with like-minded mothers in a natural way.
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