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Intuitive clay workshop


Clay has a magical ability to lighten our souls and ground our hectic minds. During the clay workshop, we will tap into our senses and awaken our intuition by engaging with the element gifted to us by Earth. We will shape clay in a slow and gentle way listening to every touch.
Uli will introduce you to her approach to decorating ceramics using natural elements such as stones, sea shells and twigs, drawing with iron oxide and carving.
As a memory of this journey a vessel for your daily rituals will be created that Uli will take further care of. With the help of fire and the magic of glazing she will transform it into durable finalized ceramics that you will be invited to pick-up once done.
Also you will have the chance to connect with the other moms and build a community while enjoying some nourishing snacks.

Note: The finished cup can be picked up at the artists studio once it has been finished.

Pottery Class with Uliana Tepikina

SKU: 364215376135191
  • May 16th 2024
    @ Vea Studio, Naunynstraße 38, 10999 Berlin

    • exclusive workshops where you can bring your baby (age 0-1). Of course you can also join just by yourself.
    • each mini-retreat is 2 hrs long to respect the babies sleep rythm
    • limited spots so that we can guarantee a calm and relaxing environment
    • there will be an extra person to support watching the babies, so that you can fully relax
    • nourishing food and drinks will be served
    • the chance to connect with like-minded mothers and build a community
    • you will receive a little gift to take home
    • there will be a 10% discount applied if you buy 2 or more tickets for yourself or to bring a friend
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