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In this class you will hand build your own daily ritual mug. As a mother it can often be hard to take a moment just for yourself. We invite you to see this class as a chance to establish a little ritual and to create a hand-made mug that will be your daily reminder on taking some time for yourself. 

Afterwards we will gather around some nourishing snacks and enjoy an inspiring exchange within a strong community of like-minded moms.


About: Anna König is a social worker and is studying for a master's degree in theater education. She works and lives with her family in Berlin. During her pregnancy she discovered her passion for clay and her pottery label Studio.roiii was born. Since then she has been playing with shapes, colors and the “naïve pottery art”.

Pottery Class with Anna Roiii

  • The event consists out of two parts. In the first part we will enjoy the pottery class by Anna (75 mins). The second part will be about connecting with the other moms and their babies while enjoying some nourishing snacks and tea (60 mins). Our mini retreat gives you the chance to connect to yourself but also to start a community with like-minded moms.
    Note: The finished cup can be picked up at the artists studio once it has been finished.

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