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"It takes a village to raise a child". A strong community is a real superpower and the exchange with like-minded moms is vital. Therefore we invite you to a delicious lunch created by holistic health coach Melanie Wehrli. Treat yourself with some nourishing food and stimulating talks. The most inspiring way to spend your afternoon.


About: Holistic health coach and Self-taught chef, Mélanie enjoys cooking healthy meals to nourish the soul and the body. For her, it is intuitive, with memories of smells, childhood moments, or travels that she is inspired by. Graduating in Fashion design, aesthetics has always been important to her, with simplicity she marries colors and textures, and just like a painting or a fashion garment she creates a plate. She reminds us that digestion starts with our senses, the visuals, and smells before the taste. She is passionate about health and how powerful food can affect our well-being and lifestyle. The joy of living is around a meal and the company of others. It is sharing love and taking care of one another. Just like she believes in taking care of the earth, choosing ingredients that are happily grown. Mélanie's food is about balance, love, and energy.

Mothers lunch by Melanie Wehrli

  • April 3rd 2024
    @ Vea Studio, Naunynstraße 38, 10999 Berlin

    • exclusive lunch where you can bring your baby (age 0-1). Of course you can also join just by yourself.
    • each mini-retreat is 2 hrs long to respect the babies sleep rythm
    • limited spots so that we can guarantee a calm and relaxing environment
    • there will be an extra person to support watching the babies, so that you can fully relax
    • nourishing food and drinks will be served
    • the chance to connect with like-minded mothers and build a community
    • you will receive a little gift to take home
    • there will be a 10% discount applied if you buy 2 or more tickets for yourself or to bring a friend
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