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In this cacao ceremony we invite you to take a moment for yourself, reconnect with your inner woman and opening up for all the new feelings that might come up with your new role of being a mother.

Nurturing us with love from within, cacao represents Mother Earth. It’s the medicine of connection and courage that works through the heart space. A gift from the mother. From the earth that provides us with everything we need and helps us to remember, how it feels to live with an open heart. Cacao supports us by naturally restoring self-love and trust that we need to connect joyfully with our true being and others.

Afterwards we will gather around some nourishing snacks and enjoy an inspiring exchange within a strong community of like-minded moms.


About: Jil offers her work as a Hypnosis Coach, Ceremonialist, and Breathwork facilitator in Berlin. She’s opening spaces of transformation in one-on-one and group settings that invite a stronger connection to oneself and nature that we are part of. The core of her offerings is the cacao plant and the work with women specifically to foster the connection to the earth and their own natural cycles.

Mini-Retreat: Cacao Ceremony & Mother Circle

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  • The event consists out of two parts. In the first part we will enjoy the cacao ceremony by Jil (60 mins). The second part will be about connecting with the other moms and their babies while enjoying some nourishing snacks and tea (60 mins). Our mini retreat gives you the chance to connect to yourself but also to start a community with like-minded moms.

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