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In the workshop "Herbal essentials for inner peace" we will learn about wild- and medicinal plants that can provide you with more balance. Together with herbalist Lina, we will create powerful recipes for your well-being that can be easily integrated into your daily life. You will create several products for you and your baby to take home.
Afterwards we will gather around some nourishing snacks and enjoy an inspiring exchange within a strong community of like-minded moms.


About: Lina is a passionate, trained biologist and her love is dedicated to our local flora. For more than 3 years, she has been sharing her infectious enthusiasm and knowledge on wild herb tours and workshops. With a lot of expertise and exciting stories, she will introduce you to the amazing world of plants growing right outside your door.

The power of wild herbs

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  • The event consists out of two parts. In the first part we will enjoy the herbal class by Lina (60 mins). The second part will be about connecting with the other moms and their babies while enjoying some nourishing snacks and tea (60 mins). Our mini retreat gives you the chance to connect to yourself but also to start a community with like-minded moms.

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